Public engagement embodies the
University of Michigan’s mission to serve society.

U-M has long been a place that attracts top faculty, students and staff because they want to make a difference. To ensure that we continue to provide an environment for such altruism well into the future, the university has launched a Public Engagement and Impact focus area. Key to the success of the focus area will be the involvement of U-M’s esteemed faculty of professors, primary researchers and librarians. As President Mark Schlissel has noted, it is “both a privilege and an obligation to provide thoughtful insights and important contributions toward public policy and to help solve the most complex and challenging issues confronting our society.”

Many of our faculty are already actively engaged in this effort, and many more have the capacity to contribute—at a local, national and even international level.

The supports and tools described on this website were inspired by a May 2016 report on the status of public service at the University of Michigan and recommendations for its enhancement.

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