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COVID-19 Testing on U-M Campus

The University of Michigan has a multi-tiered COVID-19 testing and monitoring strategy that was designed in collaboration with numerous public health and medical experts. Students who are symptomatic or have an exposure to COVID-19 can be tested any day of the week. 

For those seeking a COVID-19 test, there are multiple ways to enter  the UHS testing system. 

  • Call UHS at 734-764-8320 to speak with a nurse who can triage symptoms, conduct an evaluation, and provide step-by-step information for next steps
  • Visit the website to start the online assessment, which might expedite the overall testing process 
  • Send a portal message through the UHS website 

The advantage of starting online is that it allows UHS to gather a lot of important information ahead of time to begin the case investigation and, if necessary, the contact tracing process to help UHS implement the safest decisions for the campus community. UHS monitors all patients throughout the quarantine process to help with any needed medical care—whether it is COVID-19-related or not. 

UHS emphasizes the importance of seeking medical care directly rather than starting online when there is an urgent concern. 

For more information, visit campusblueprint.umich.edu