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Discussing Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Student Resources

In this episode of Michigan Minds, Mark Chung Kwan Fan, assistant director of the Spectrum Center, explores the significance of Pride Month and how the Spectrum Center enriches equity and inclusion on U-M’s campus as it relates to gender and sexuality.

The Spectrum Center is a collaborative space where all members of the university and local community are welcome. Through collaboration and partnership efforts, the Center supports LGBTQ+ students, helping them thrive in a diverse society, and offering the resources and support they need.

Chung Kwan Fan shares some of the things the Spectrum Center has been doing to enhance campus climate, including supporting the name change processes within the institution to have pronouns included in class rosters, having inclusive housing, and navigating health care access.

He also discusses the importance of Pride Month and how it raises awareness and helps build communities.

“Pride really provides representation to young members and to folks who are trying to find their journey,” Chung Kwan Fan says.

Chung Kwan Fan also talks about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that employers cannot discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals.

“Right now, a win is a win and we’re happy and celebrating that,” he says, adding that it’s still important to look at the big picture. “I think that we definitely need to focus on not being satisfied with just small wins but also continuing the advocacy for and inclusion of queer and trans individuals.”

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