Get Engaged

Engaging with the public is easier than it sounds. You’ve probably already prepared for it by writing articles for a professional journal or speaking at an academic conference. The difference is in the audience and in the language and the media you use to reach them.

Below, a variety of faculty describe how they have communicated their opinions, observations and research findings to the world outside of academia. Training and resources are available to help you do the same.

  • Meghan Duffy
    LSA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    Duffy has promoted her drug discovery project by writing opinion pieces as well as articles aimed at the general public.

  • Andrew Hoffman
    School for Environment and Sustainability

    Hoffman shares the results of his study of the intersection between business and the environment by writing for online media.

  • Shobita Parthasarathy
    Ford School of Public Policy

    To date, Parthasarathy has published two books to help disseminate her findings regarding science and technology policy.

  • Will Potter
    LSA Communication Studies

    Potter has been asked to speak before such bodies as Congress and the European Union on his civil liberties research.

  • Eugene Rogers
    School of Music, Theatre and Dance

    Rogers conducts Michigan choral groups in performances that promote social justice and serve as a community call to action.