Faculty News

Your peers reach out to share their expertise with the world in a variety of ways. These activities run the gamut from giving lectures in the community or live-tweeting an event to writing an op-ed piece for the media or providing expert testimony to a governmental committee.

  1. Funding a New Transportation Revolution: Henry Liu’s Congressional Testimony
    Michigan Engineering
  2. How your diet contributes to nutrient pollution and dead zones in lakes and bays
  3. ‘The Farewell’ highlights tough conversations families face when confronted with death
  4. A Pilot Project in Kenya Helps Refugees Go To University
  5. ‘Moneyball’ Approach To Closing The $2 Trillion Infrastructure Finance Gap
  6. This Summer, Opera Grapples With Race
    The New York Times
  7. Michigan’s Local Elected Officials Report Positive Working Relationships in U-M Survey
  8. Climate Change Drives Rapid Shifts Between High and Low Water Levels on the Great Lakes
    The Conversation
  9. Michigan Minds Podcast: A New Approach to Improving Firearms Safety
    Public Engagement & Impact Featured: Rebecca Cunningham, MD, Michigan Medicine; Marc Zimmerman, PhD, School of Public Health
  10. Mathematics of scale: Big, small and everything in between
    The Conversation Featured: Mitchell Newberry, PhD, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  11. Water stays in the pipes longer in shrinking cities – a challenge for public health
    The Conversation Featured: Nancy Love, PhD, College of Engineering
  12. Statewide Dementia Coalition Co-Chaired By Scott Roberts Issues New Roadmap to Make Michigan ‘Dementia Capable’
    School of Public Health Featured: Scott Roberts, PhD, School of Public Health