Faculty News

Your peers reach out to share their expertise with the world in a variety of ways. These activities run the gamut from giving lectures in the community or live-tweeting an event to writing an op-ed piece for the media or providing expert testimony to a governmental committee.

  1. Fostering Innovation to Create Economic Growth for Companies and Communities
  2. Influence and Impacts: Kids and Social Media
  3. Presidential Initiatives in 2021
  4. Public Engagement in 2021
  5. 2021: A Year Of Public Policy
  6. 2021: Institute for Social Research
  7. 2021: The Michigan Minds Podcast
  8. 2021: A Year of Public Health
  9. 2021: A Year Of Engineering
  10. 2021: A Year Of ‘This Is Michigan’
  11. 2021: A Year Of Research
  12. Facilitating Community Outreach Through Linguistics Research