Faculty News

  1. Wolverine Caucus: U-M experts share results and future topics of study from National Poll on Healthy Aging
    Public Engagement & Impact Featured: Erica Solway, PhD, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation; Jeff Kullgren, MD, Michigan Medicine, IHPI
  2. U-M celebrates public engagement, explores how to encourage more
    Public Engagement & Impact Featured: President Mark Schlissel; Joseph Ryan, School of Social Work; Rosina Bierbaum, School for Environment and Sustainability; Elizabeth Birr Moje, School of Education; Alec D. Gallimore; College of Engineering
  3. Michigan Minds Podcast: Surveying transgender healthcare experiences
    Public Engagement & Impact
  4. Opinion: Michigan’s auto insurance rates keep people from getting out of poverty
    The Detroit Free Press Featured: Josh Rivera, MPP, and Pat Cooney, MPP, Poverty Solutions, Detroit Partnership on Economic Mobility
  5. U-M anthropologist uses 3,000 toe tags to highlight humanitarian crisis at US-Mexico border
    Michigan News Featured: Jason De León, PhD, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  6. Recapping the Conceptualizing Public Engagement Series: Part Three. What are critical issues that hinder effective public engagement within our community?
    Academic Innovation Featured: Ellen Kuhn, MA, Elyse Aurbach, PhD, Academic Innovation
  7. U-M Prison Creative Arts Project hosts 24th annual exhibition with 670 works
    Michigan News Featured: Graham Hamilton, arts programming coordinator, Prison Creative Arts Project; Janie Paul, PhD, and William (Buzz) Alexander, PhD, Stamps School of Art and Design
  8. U-M faculty give congressional testimony on financial industry oversight and worker safety
    Public Engagement & Impact Featured: Jeremy Kress, JD, MPP, Michigan Ross; Adam Finkel, ScD, CIH, School of Public Health
  9. Why rich parents are more likely to be unethical
    The Conversation Featured: David Mayer, PhD, Ross School of Business
  10. 3 days, 3 key votes – and no end in sight for Brexit
    The Conversation Featured: Scott L. Greer, PhD, Holly Jarman, PhD, School of Public Health
  11. Save democracy by ending inequality. Pay the poor a basic income.
    The Star-Ledger Featured: Derrick Darby, PhD, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  12. Super Abbu project: Improving maternal health by engaging fathers
    Michigan News Featured: Mustafa Naseem, MS, School of Informaion