Faculty News

  1. U-M researchers awarded Sloan fellowship
  2. Thirty-two U-M students, faculty members receive Fulbright awards
  3. Michigan Minds: Increasing student civic engagement
  4. 2020 Election Experts Guide
  5. World Health Organization declares global health emergency over coronavirus: 4 questions answered
    The Conversation Featured: A man wearing a surgical mask makes a child wear one outside a hospital where a student who had been in Wuhan is kept in isolation in Thrissur, Kerala state, India. AP Photo
  6. Zimmerman, Halderman honored for public engagement efforts
  7. Wolverine Caucus: Child and Family Public Policy
  8. Michigan Minds: ZEUS laser
    Featured: Anatoly Maksimchuk, EECS Research Scientist, and John Nees, EECS Associate Research Scientist, demonstrate use of the HERCULES 300 TW laser in the Carl A. Gerstacker Building on North Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI on September 5, 2017. The HERCULES laser holds the Guiness World Records certificate for highest intensity focused laser, producing a beam of 2x10^22 W/cm^2 or 20 billion trillion watts per square centimeter. Photo: Joseph Xu/Senior Multimedia Content Producer, University of Michigan - College of Engineering
  9. Michigan Minds: Pets and Chronic Pain Management
    Public Engagement & Impact
  10. Michigan Medicine Research Featured on NIH Director’s Blog
    Featured: Artificial intelligence speeds diagnosis of brain tumors. Credit: Joe Hallisy, Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor
  11. Historic Michigan Union reopens
    Featured: The Michigan Union reopens with a ceremony in the new indoor courtyard on Jan. 13, 2020.
  12. Michigan Minds: U-M history professor on US Iranian relations
    Public Engagement & Impact