Faculty News

  1. The Impact of Possible Cuts to the Peace Corps
  2. Fake News and the Web of Deceit
    LSA Featured: Brian Weeks, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  3. Why American Schools Are Even More Unequal Than We Thought
    The New York Times Featured: Susan Dynarski, School of Education
  4. Uber’s Didi Deal Dispels Chinese ‘El Dorado’ Myth Once and For All
    Michigan Ross Featured: Erik Gordon, Ross School of Business
  5. U-M professors elected to National Academy of Sciences
    Michigan News Featured: Stephen Forrest, Judith Irvine, Susan Murphy, Melanie Sanford
  6. The secret U.S. prisons you’ve never heard of before
    TED.com Featured: Will Potter, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
  7. Director of debate leads team to record-setting success
    The University Record Featured: Aaron Kall, Director of Debate
  8. Academic Engagement in Public and Political Discourse
    Report of the Michigan Meeting on Academic Engagement Featured: Andrew J. Hoffman, Ross School of Business
  9. Birthright Citizens: A Look at the History of Race & Citizenship