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Maize & BLUEprint: Exploring the Future of Digital Instruction

In this episode of Michigan Minds, Thomas Finholt, dean of the University of Michigan School of Information and professor of information, explores how faculty have integrated innovative virtual teaching techniques to create an enhanced digital education experience as part of the hybrid-approach planned at U-M this Fall.

Finholt has been working with the coordinating committee on instructional planning for the upcoming public-health informed Fall semester, and with remote learning becoming a primary means of teaching, he hopes that U-M will be able to provide broader opportunities to reach more learners.

“I think in the fall, we’re going to see improvements over that experience—in the execution, creativity, and imagination of our faculty and staff in delivering pedagogy through these novel modalities,” he says.

Finholt adds that in the Spring, faculty were focused on learning a variety of new techniques for virtual teaching, but in the Fall he thinks it will be more stimulating, innovative, and engaging.

“I’m certainly impressed by the level of ingenuity and inspiration I’m seeing demonstrated across my faculty, and I assume that’s true across campus as well,” he says.

Finholt reports that many of the traditional aspects of the Fall experience will be notably different and that everyone will have to make accommodations, but he trusts the U-M community to take appropriate care and consideration.

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