Michigan Minds Podcast: Surveying transgender healthcare experiences

By Terry Kosdrosky

Public Engagement & Impact


Transgender people often face discrimination—sometimes overt, sometimes covert. One of the areas where subtle bias can actually do more harm is in healthcare settings.


University of Michigan School of Social Work researchers Shanna Kattari and Ashley Lacombe-Duncan have studied and surveyed the experiences of transgender people with their healthcare.



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They’ve found that many trans people delay important procedures and checkups due to a lack of confidence in their treatment. Adding to the problem is the fact that doctors who are known as trans-friendly often have long wait times.


Kattari worked with Transcend the Binary, a nonprofit group focused on transgender and nonbinary care, to survey transgender people in Michigan about their healthcare experiences.


“Healthcare is a human right and I strongly believe that trans and nonbinary people deserve access to authentic, affirming, and inclusive healthcare,” she said.


The goal is to create information for healthcare providers who treat transgender patients, while being mindful of the time demands on medical professionals.


“How do we create knowledge that’s accessible to providers that isn’t going to create a massive amount of training?” said Lacombe-Duncan.


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