Michigan Minds Podcast: The value of research universities

By Terry Kosdrosky

Public Engagement & Impact


The value of research universities has been questioned in some circles, along with the taxpayer support public institutions receive.


But U-M professor Jason Owen-Smith, in the latest episode of Michigan Minds, explains why research universities are a critical part of our social and economic fabric. His book, Research Universities and the Public Good: Discovery for an Uncertain Future, makes the case that these institutions deserve support.


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Research universities are unique in the way they mobilize brainpower and assets to solve problems and create new opportunities, said Owen-Smith, professor of sociology and executive director of the Institute for Research on Innovation & Science.


“There’s nothing else in our society that maintains as broad a range of knowledge, that has as much longevity and stability, and is as committed to openness and teaching people how to develop the skills to use the new knowledge and apply it wherever they land,” he said.


Owen-Smith also spoke to Inside Higher Ed about his book.


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