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  • Michigan Minds: U-M history professor on US Iranian relations

    Recent events have brought up many questions about the relations between Iran and the United States. Juan Cole, PhD, Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, studies the history and ongoing politics in the Middle East. In this episode of Michigan Minds, Cole explains the relationship between the US and Iran over the past few decades and the possible implications of the current turmoil.

  • Global Climate and Human Health

    From hurricanes and rising sea levels to Zika outbreaks and migration health, researchers at U-M are looking at the impact global climate has on human health. In this episode of Michigan Minds, John Meeker, ScD, CIH, senior associate dean for research and professor of environmental health and global public health at the School of Public Health, shares examples of what he has discovered through his research.

  • Religious Involvement and Cognitive Health

    People over 50 who attend religious services and pray may notice better memory performance, a new study led by U-M psychology doctoral candidate Zarina Kraal found. In this episode of Michigan Minds, Kraal discusses the study’s findings that frequent religious services and private prayers were linked to stronger cognitive health.

  • One Minute for Your Mind

    While mental health is discussed more in the media today, there is still stigma around it — particularly in the black community. In this episode of Michigan Minds, University of Michigan assistant professor Riana Elyse Anderson, PhD, discusses how a video series is helping to reduce that stigma. 

  • Apple/U-M Hearing Study to Focus on Sound Exposure in Daily Life

    Until recently, measuring noise exposure has been cumbersome, and impact of personal exposures to music on hearing health, for example, have been largely ignored in research studies, says University of Michigan researcher Rick Neitzel, who recently partnered with Apple to develop a study that will use a person’s iPhone and Apple Watch to measure levels of sound exposure.

  • Asian Carp in the Great Lakes

    Asian carp are capable of surviving and growing in much larger portions of Lake Michigan than scientists previously believed and present a high risk of becoming established, according to a new modeling study from University of Michigan researchers and their colleagues.

  • Privacy and Cyber Security

    Amazon announced a feature that will allow Alexa owners to use a simple voice command to ask the smart speaker to “delete what I just said” on all recordings made that day. Florian Schaub has conducted extensive research highlighting privacy concerns with the popular devices and has called for this kind of feature to better integrate privacy controls into how people use smart speakers—with their voice.

  • A New Approach to Improving Firearms Safety

    Auto accidents and firearms are the leading causes of death for children and adolescents in the United States. But while the auto accidents number has largely trended down, thanks to research and safety measures, the same cannot be said for firearms deaths. In this episode, University of Michigan researchers Rebecca Cunningham and Marc Zimmerman talk about a new, national research effort underway, based at U-M, that takes an injury prevention approach to decreasing firearms deaths among children and teens.

  • Road Scholars tour connects U-M faculty with Michigan communities

    The Michigan Road Scholars tour is an annual week-long bus trip that connects University of Michigan faculty with people and communities throughout the state. In this episode, professors Bethany Hughes and Pamela Jagger talk about what they hope to learn from the tour, and how they think it could add to their teaching and research.

  • Building Public Engagement into the DNA of the new University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

    There’s more than just new displays on tap for visitors when the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History reopens April 14. The public will find many more ways to engage directly with scientists, researchers, and students. They’ll also discover opportunities to do their own investigations. In this episode, museum director Amy Harris and museum education director Kira Berman explain how public engagement is built into the core of the new museum.