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School Resources Lost During COVID-19

With schools closed for the remainder of the year due to the novel coronavirus, families are without many of the services and resources the schools normally provide. In this episode of Michigan Minds, Samantha Keppler, professor of technology and operations at Michigan Ross, discusses the other services schools provide beyond educating students.

Keppler says that the impact of the closures is significant for many communities. While schools have been figuring out new ways of teaching, many families are scrambling to meet the other needs of their students.

“When people think of what schools do, they think of teaching. Obviously, schools provide that, but overall I’d say there are five other basic services that schools provide,” says Keppler, naming materials, physical health services, emotional and counseling services, and parent services.

“What the schools provide are typically the gaps in what’s provided at home,” she says, adding that schools have been very responsive and resourceful, implementing many services after listening to parents and students and understanding what they need.

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