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  1. Water stays in the pipes longer in shrinking cities – a challenge for public health

    The Conversation Featured: Nancy Love, PhD, College of Engineering

    Nancy Love, University of Michigan; Richard Jackson, University of California, Los Angeles, and Shawn P. McElmurry, Wayne State University The geographic locations where Americans live are shifting in ways that…

Government Committee Members

  1. Lemos serves on NSF Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education
  2. Raghunathan served on CDC National Center for Health Statistics Board
    Public Engagement & Impact, Washington Update
  3. Ryan Advises Michigan Governor on Juvenile Justice
    Public Engagement & Impact Featured: Joseph Ryan, PhD, School of Social Work, Child and Adolescent Data Lab
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Awards & Recognition

  • Joseph Ryan
    President’s Award for Public Impact School of Social Work
  • Rosina Bierbaum
    President’s Award for National and State Leadership School for Environment and Sustainability

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