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Guiding Businesses Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

For nearly 40 years, the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute has leveraged U-M’s resources and expertise to create positive economic impact for small- and medium-sized businesses. Today, the institute is helping enterprises across an array of industries work through the current turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode of Michigan Minds, institute associate director Steven Wilson discusses how the institute has been helping an array of industries to adapt. 

One way the institute has responded is by helping manufacturers switch to developing personal protection equipment and medical devices that are needed urgently to respond to the pandemic. 

The institute is also developing a plan for small-to medium-sized businesses on how to get back to work quickly and safely. 

“Most companies right now are overwhelmed with the number of problems they have and the sudden impact that this has caused,” Wilson says. “The big advice is: put a plan together, and then follow it.” 

Listen to this episode of the Michigan Minds podcast to learn more. 

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