Faculty News

  1. Michigan led nation with teach-in, now shares teach-out concept with other universities
    Michigan News Featured: Office of Academic Innovation
  2. Bendable concrete, with a design inspired by seashells, can make US infrastructure safer and more durable
    The Conversation Featured: Victor C. Li, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering
  3. Translating research into policy: Lessons from simplifying access to financial aid
    Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Featured: Susan Dynarski, PhD, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
  4. Life-changing, phone-recorded video rants here to stay, says expert
    CBC News Featured: Cliff Lampe, PhD, School of Information
  5. What are these ‘levels’ of autonomous vehicles?
    The Conversation Featured: Huei Peng, PhD, College of Engineering, Mcity
  6. How Academic Innovation Fits Into the Public Engagement Landscape at Michigan
    Academic Innovation Featured: Elyse Aurbach, PhD, Rachel Niemer, Academic Innovation
  7. U-M Graham Institute grants target sustainability challenges in Puerto Rico and Michigan
    Michigan News
  8. Michigan idea could help with chronic diseases, expand access to opioid treatment
    Crain's Detroit Business Featured: A. Mark Fendrick, M.D., Michigan Medicine, School of Public Health, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation
  9. Diet soda may be hurting your diet
    The Conversation Featured: Eunice Zhang, MD, School of Public Health
  10. Risk and resilience: U-M researchers aim to identify factors that affect emotional well-being and mental health of soldiers and veterans
    Michigan Research Featured: James Wagner, PhD, Steven Heeringa, PhD, Institute for Social Research
  11. Transformative Public Scholarship: Closing the Gap Between Research and Impact
    Rackham Graduate School Featured: Anita Ravishankar, PhD student.
  12. Bridging the Border: Collaborative Solutions to Enhance Kelly Road
    Government Relations Featured: Harley Etienne, PhD, Eric Dueweke, PhD, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning