The Office of the President — in collaboration with the Offices of Government Relations and Research — and the Regents of the University of Michigan sponsor several awards that honor faculty initiative and dedication in the vital sphere of public engagement and impact.

President’s Awards

President’s Award for National and State Leadership

In keeping with the president’s emphasis on the University of Michigan’s public roles and obligations, and in alignment with U-M’s original mission and ambitions for its third century, the President’s Award for National and State Leadership honors individuals who have provided sustained, dedicated and influential leadership and service in major national or state capacities.

Nominate a faculty member.

  • 2021 Winner

    Marisa Eisenberg

    School of Public Health; College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

President’s Award for Public Impact

The President’s Award for Public Impact recognizes individuals who have offered their academic research and expertise in tangible service of a major public sector challenge, at the local, state, national or international level. Award recipients will have combatted such threats in direct response to immediate and pressing issues in cooperation with other actors, both governmental and non-governmental.

Nominate a faculty member.

  • 2021 Winner

    H. Luke Shaefer

    Poverty Solutions; Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; School of Social Work

Regents’ Award

Regents’ Award for distinguished public service

At the recommendation of the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs, U-M’s governing body has established the Regents’ Award for Distinguished Public Service to honor extraordinary distinction by members of the faculty. The award recognizes public service activities that relate closely to teaching and research and reflect professional and academic expertise in local, state, national or international arenas.

The deadline for the Regents’ Award nominations is May 1. Nominate a faculty member.